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Podcasts in a Visual Format

How often have you been listening to a podcast, and yearned for the imagery related to what's being talked about? Wouldn't it be nice to have interactive links in tandem with the audio? This project, commissioned by WNYC, sought to do just that. The vision we helped them discover was a mobile app for:
• browsing, subscribing to, and saving podcasts;
• (the cool part) a player experience with rich content overlaying the screen, in sync with the audio. The applications of this concept are versatile: display an image, a link to a supplementary article or web page, a community poll, a slot for advertising content.

Browse & Discover

The main screen of the app is a feed of content, split into these full-width "blades". These are recent episodes from subscribed podcasts or suggested content based on listening history. This pattern is carried through in the detail screen of each podcast, including a large header area taking the key color of each show.

The search screen also doubles as the place to show featured & recommended shows, and genres to explore.

The Player Experience

This is where it gets juicy. The player is a full screen, immersive experience showcasing content cards that come and go in concert with the audio. These cards can be interactive, display related imagery, or external links to web content. The background image is also dynamic and can change throughout the episode.

We also designed various tabs into this screen: places to view the description and cast of the episode, a comment feed, and a timeline or historical view of all the content cards.

Now What?