How I
do it


I jump into each problem headfirst, understanding the industry, the problems to solve, what success means, and what hurdles may arise. Empathy can only be achieved by speaking with and directly observing the end users.

A Cornucopia of Inspiration

I’ve worked for agencies and consultancies for over 8 years. This has given me not only those years of experience, but a myriad of technology areas to get glimpses into. I’ve worked on products in healthcare, streaming media, games, industrial automation, e-commerce, inventory management, and more. All of these verticals, and the styles/personalities/motives that come with them, contribute to my deep toolbox of design inspiration to pull from.

UX & Prototyping

The ideal process combines business requirements, tasks to be done, observing outside trends, and ethics. I’m comfortable interviewing & testing with users, along with doing the research needed for a well thought out product.

Visual Design

My formal education is a mix of print and digital graphic design, and a healthy dose of painting and drawing before that, so visual design is where my true passion is. Figma, Sketch, and the Adobe CC suite are my tools of choice.


It’s integral for digital products, beyond just for visual polish and delight. It aids the experience; from directing the user’s attention, showing progress, providing feedback, or establishing relationships across multiple states. Making things super slick and fun to look at is a big perk too. After Effects is a tool of choice, or simpler prototypes in Figma.


Designing the proper experience is only one side of the coin - ensuring it gets implemented properly is equally important. Most of the projects I’ve worked with have had engineering working alongside design, letting me see a variety of working and project management styles. I have a basic understanding of web development that helps me design solutions that can be feasibly accomplished - and if they’re not, I’ll work to understand the difficulties, cross referenced with product requirements, to get a reasonable release cadence.

Now What?